Fuel Oil Unloading, Storage & Transferring Systems Fuel Oil Unloading, Storage & Transferring Systems We undertake turnkey installation of fuel oil storage systems. The fuel oil tanks are designed as per customers’ requirements and have capacity from 10 m3 to 10,000 m3. The storage tanks are provided with floor heating coils, outflow suction heaters, tank insulation, tank level measurement, and safety systems, such as lighting arrestors, flame arrestors, breather valves, etc. as required. The outflow suction heaters can be either electrical or thermic fluid / steam heated. These heaters are provided to maintain the fluidity of the fuel. We also provide electrical heat tracing with insulation for oil tank and skid to maintain the oil temperature above 20oC.

Solid Fuel Conveying & Metering System Solid Fuel Conveying & Metering System The solid fuel metering and control system is provided below main fuel storage bunker for continuous metering and control of pulverized fuel. The system consists of bin weighing system, manual slide gate, pneumatic slide gate, loss in weight system comprising of weigh bin hopper, load cells, agitator, screw feeder, etc. The operation and controlling of the system is done from a local control station.

Solid Fuel Conveying & Metering System Oil & Gas Trains For proper functioning of any gas fired burner, it is imperative that gas pressure is reduced and regulated so as to achieve desired flow at the inlet of the burner. We supply gas pressure regulating stations (Gas Trains) to supply fuel gas at regulated flow and pressure to gas burners.