Hot Gas Generators Hot Gas Generators Hot Gas Generators come in single shell or double shell, horizontal or vertical variants, as required by the application. The Hot Air generators are supplied as a complete package with a burner system, single shell/ double shell furnace with anchors for refractory, dilution air plenum, instruments for temperature/ pressure sensing and a PLC/ relay based burner management.

Gas Igniters Gas Igniters Igniters are designed and built for the specific application to achieve superior and reliable ignition even in adverse operating conditions. Gas igniters ignite the fuel gas spontaneously from the built-in electric spark electrode. Depending on the requirement, Natural Gas / LPG fired Igniters are offered. Gas igniters can be self-inspirating, air assisted or air premixed.

BMS Control Panels BMS Control Panels Burner management systems are designed to cater to customer’s specific and very critical requirement of safe operation of their burners. The unique and operator-friendly design of our Burner management systems offers flexibility of communication between our BMS and customers’ DCS system through Modbus/ Profibus connectivity. Burner management Systems can be designed to control not only single-fuel burners, but multi-fuel burners and multi-burner systems also. BMS are pre-programmed with various safety interlocks, as per customer’s requirement.

Multifuel Swirl Flame Kiln Burnerss Multifuel Swirl Flame Kiln Burners Swirl flame kiln burners come as a complete package with channels for different fuels, overhead/ground mounting trolleys, pilot gas burner, ignition system, and PLC/ relay based burner management system as required by our customers. The burners come equipped with a highly sophisticated nozzle that ensures proper mixing of air and fuel, provides a stable flame front and allows adjustments for flame momentum and flame length.

Register Burners Register Burners Register Burners are custom built burners designed and manufactured with rugged construction to supply an intensely mixed air fuel mixture into a furnace for maximum combustion effectiveness. This thorough mixing is achieved by the adjustable rotational air momentum & fuel injection pattern.

Process Burners Process Burners Process Burners are high performance advanced Burners designed specifically for Process Heaters, Furnaces & Boilers. These Burners are suitable for Single Burner or Multiple Burner applications. Burners can fire multiple fuels in combination or individually as desired by operators.

Calciner & Tertiary Air Duct Burners Calciner & Tertiary Air Duct Burners Cement Industry uses Calciner Burners to have the precalcining of raw meals. In general the heat output through Calciner Burners is approximately 60 – 65% of total heat input for the calcination (clinkerization) process. We provide Calciner Burners for any fuel such as Liquid, Gas and Solid Fuels. These Burners can work on a single fuel or with multiple fuels in any combination as desired.