Air Blaster Air Blaster Air Blaster is a new technological evolution for enhancing production, which saves both time and money for any organization. It provides smooth and healthy flow of material without jamming or any coating in hoppers, pre-heaters and consequently coolers, etc. The device/machinery has proved its advantage during rainy season when the moisture content is high in the air and the flow is restricted and hence Air Blasters prove to be beneficial. It accounts for high degree of efficiency with minimum time and effort. The device operates on compressed air and is controlled by the Solenoid valve operated control panel box and sequential timer. It is mainly installed in cement plants, thermal plants and coalbunkers, chutes, chemical plant, fertilizer industry, etc. With the introduction of Air Blasters all the problems relating to jamming or coating are now least considered. Air Blaster is the excellent engineering solution to avoid jamming and allows smooth continuous flow of materials in cement and power industry.

Soldering Material Soldering Material VAID offers Soldering materials in different sizes and material strengths. Our soldering materials are made from material like high grade tin, copper and silver alloys. Main properties of our soldering products are low melting point, light weight and strong fixation capacity.

Air Cannons
Air Cannons VAID is a leading supplier of Air Cannon which features a new hybrid valve concept that facilitates more force, uses less air, and eases maintenance in challenging applications with limited budgets. The features include:
  • More force output
  • One-step maintenance
  • Suitable for high-temperature applications