Calcium Silicate
Calcium Silicate
Calcium silicate boards cover a range of extremely light weight insulating boards with excellent insulating value, high mechanical strength and good heat resistance. The boards are designed for maximum service temperatures of 1000oC (1832oF) or 1100oC (2012oF), they are light grey and have smooth, rigid and non-dusting surfaces.
Cement Industry Preheater Cyclone, Pre-calcinators, Kiln Riser Ducts, Firing Hood, Grate Cooler, Tertiary Air Duct and Flue Gas Ducts
Furnaces Head Treatment, Reheating and Annealing
Aluminium Industry Alumina Calcinators, Reduction Cells
Iron & Steel Industry Blast Furnace, Dust Settling Chambers & Sponge Iron Plants
H-800 H-1000 H-1100
Maximum Service Maximum Service Maximum Service
Temperature 800oC Temperature 980oC Temperature 1100oC