Conveyor Belting Conveyor Belting Smooth and Grip-face belts available to suit a variety of applications. Different colours available.

Steel Cord Belt Steel Cord Belt Steel cord conveyor belts ensure conveying performance under grueling stress conditions. Their robust design guarantees high tensile strength at maximum conveying capacity as well as excellent impact resistance. Wear-resistant, rot and corrosion-resistant, resistant to chemicals and thermally stable, our conveyor belts provide long years of service while requiring little maintenance.

Roller Drums Roller Drums All drums manufactured on site to suit the entire UNI-XU belt conveyor range and other leading suppliers of belt conveyors in the UK.

Bearings Bearings Full range of replacement belt conveyor bearings available from stock.

Sprockets and Drive Chain Sprockets and Drive Chain Full range of replacement sprockets and drive chains available from stock.

Knock Out Rollers Knock Out Rollers Variety of replacement knock out rollers available to suit all leading belt conveyor brands.

Primary Belt Cleaners Primary Belt Cleaners As the first stage in a multiple cleaner system, the primary cleaner removes the majority of material adhered the belt, leaving only a thin layer of sticky fines.

Rotary Air Lock Secondary Belt Cleaners The cleaner is installed at the point where the belt is leaving the discharge pulley where secondary cleaners remove residual fines that remain on the belt past the primary cleaner. Its location is typically close enough to the material trajectory that the cleanings will return to the main material stream.

Tail pulley protection Tail pulley protection As a conveyor belt returns from the head pulley to the loading zone, it passes around the tail pulley. Occasionally, the inner side of the returning belt will carry fugitive material into the tail pulley and cause permanent damage. To guard against this possibility, tail pulley protection plows should be installed.

Belt Alignment Belt Alignment VAID supplies trackers that basically use the force of the wandering belt to position a steering idler and to correct the path. This device uses a multiple (three)-pivot,torque-multiplying system to supply a mechanical advantage to improve belt-path correction.

Belt Sealing Belt Sealing VAID offers an effective sealing system that incorporates multiple components to not only prevent spillage, but also protect the system from material-load forces.

Belt Support Belt Support VAID offers stable belt that absorbs loading-zone impact, eliminate sag and prevent material entrapment. For an effective, minimum-spillage transfer point, the belt's line of travel must be stabilized with proper belt support in the load zone.

Washbox Belt Cleaning Washbox Belt Cleaning VAID supplies Washbox Cleaning System that provides the ultimate in belt cleaning technology. Each Washbox Cleaning System can be custom engineered to match your cleaning requirements.