Apron Pan and Conveyor Chain Apron Pan and Conveyor Chain The Apron Pan is made of steel plate and has sufficiently high strength to falling impact load of large lumps. The material of apron may be wear-resistant steel plate or high manganese cast steel. The Conveyor Chain is a high precision link chain or crawler chain with special shape having enough strength and life. It is fitted with Apron Pan, either at bottom or side.

Frame Hopper Skirt Chute Frame Hopper Skirt Chute Each part is made by welding of shape steel and steel plate and so strongly constricted that it can sufficiently withstand falling impact load of feed material or hopper pressure. Exchangeable liner of wear resistant steel is provided inside hopper and skirt. Liners like Arco, Hardox, Hadfield, Sailhard, etc. are used.